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In San Francisco, there are only 16 just cause (reasons) for eviction. The most common of these are:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Illegal subletting and other breaches of the lease
  • Creation of a nuisance
  • Removing an illegal in-law unit
  • Owner move-in
  • Ellis Act evictions

Though San Francisco’s Rent Control Ordinance and other laws clearly spell out when and how an eviction is allowed, some owners may try to skirt these regulations. Others may simply lack a clear understanding of the law and their responsibilities to their tenants.

If your landlord has given you an eviction notice without just cause, or you believe that the landlord is attempting to wrongfully evict you, you have rights.

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Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C. has been handling landlord-tenant cases for more than 25 years. Having represented both property owners and tenants, we understand the eviction process and the mistakes landlords sometimes make when seeking to evict tenants. When we represent you, we will ask questions such as:

    • Is the attempted eviction allowable under the ordinances of your city?
    • Were the notices properly drafted and served?
    • What possible defenses do you have?
    • If you are being evicted under a no-fault basis, for example, Ellis Act or owner move-in, are you eligible for relocation benefits?


Improper eviction is common and costly. If a landlord loses in court, either on the merits of the case or because of a technical defect in the process, he or she can be potentially be liable for the tenant’s losses, plus possible attorney’s fees if the lease or statute provides, and possible punitive damages. It’s important to process an eviction correctly the first time.

Wrongful eviction is extremely costly to the landlord. If the tenant wins, damages may be the difference between the rent the displaced tenant paid and is now paying, multiplied by the number of years he or she would have remained in the apartment, times three, plus potential emotional distress damages and attorneys fees

Keep in mind that an eviction is a long and complicated process and there may be ways to successfully contest an eviction. At Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C., we will vigorously represent you.

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