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A landlord who is found to have violated certain provisions of the California or San Francisco housing codes, building codes or zoning laws may be subject to fines of up to $500 per violation for each day the condition exists. Other municipalities in the Bay Area have similar regulations relating to fire safety, heat or hot water, oand other habitability conditions.

Protecting The Rights Of Landlords

Housing code regulations in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and other California cities are complex and change frequently. Though these regulations are posted online, they are often difficult for a layperson to understand. In addition, these government websites provide little, if any, guidance to owners regarding the appeals process.

But as a property owner, you have rights. You should never assume that a code violation notice is final, that you cannot negotiate more time to comply or that you cannot negotiate the fines/penalties before speaking with an experienced attorney.

Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C. is a law firm with more than 30 years of experience in landlord-tenant and real estate law. Our attorneys work in this area on a daily basis and have a thorough understanding of code enforcement procedures and mitigating the consequences.

Minimizing Your Risks

Our lawyers also counsel landlords concerning code compliance. Taking time to understand your rights and obligations as an owner could save you much time, trouble and money.

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