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Lawsuits Based on Section 8 Denials on the Rise

Lawsuits Based on Section 8 Denials on the Rise

Enterprising attorneys are bringing lawsuits against landlords in San Francisco for discrimination based on Section 8 vouchers.

A single tenant may uncover dozens of instances of landlords, usually naively or innocently turning down a Section 8 recipients in a matter of weeks. It is impermissible to deny a housing applicant based on “source of income”. Usually a series of emails or texts between the parties provide ample evidence. The way San Francisco Police Code Article 33 is written, and with the public purpose of keeping housing open to all, especially those needing government support, treble damages are awarded. Insurance is usually not available to defend and settle these matters. Thus, the owner is under serious pressure to settle quickly. Most tenant attorneys accept these cases on a percentage fee basis, making legal recourse quite available to victims of discrimination.

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