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At the Bay Area law office of Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to complicated scenarios. Our experienced real estate dispute lawyers use a variety of conflict resolution strategies to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for the least cost, including mediation and negotiation.

Contact a San Francisco real estate attorney at Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C. for a consultation to discuss how we can help you with your specific problem. Our attorneys have a combined 100+ years of real estate and landlord-tenant law experience. We have handled almost every type of property related dispute in San Francisco and the Bay Area and are experienced in the courtroom and fully prepared to take your case to court.

Our real estate attorneys have also been successful in getting owners’ insurance companies to defend and settle cases, resulting in lower cost and less trouble for the landlord. We will review your insurance contract to see if we may be able to arrange for your insurance carrier to take on the burden and costs of litigation.

Negotiation & Mediation

A client who begins with litigation in mind may soon discover that resolving a dispute through negotiation of a settlement is a better and less costly strategy to achieve a successful result or to at least minimize a negative result. In landlord-tenant or real estate law negotiations, our attorneys advocate strongly for our client’s position. Often settlements are reached in a private mediation session with a neutral mediator or at a court ordered mandatory settlement conference.

Contact Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C. to learn how we can help you resolve your real property dispute.

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