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Being a property owner — especially in an expensive market like San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area — is a tremendous financial opportunity. It is also a substantial responsibility rife with the potential for legal disputes, often in the least expected places.

As you search for a lawyer to handle your property owner dispute, we invite you to learn what makes our firm stand out:

  • Experience: Combined, our attorneys have more than a century of experience and daily handle property owner disputes.
  • Focus on results: You’re investing in legal help to arrive at an optimal outcome in the least amount of time. While our attorneys are experienced in litigation, they are also problem solvers who regularly use mediation and negotiation to help our clients prevail. We never take on a case with a rigid plan in place; instead, we come ready to be as flexible and adaptable as circumstances require.
  • Commitment to client service: Working with a lawyer doesn’t have to be an impersonal or dehumanizing experience. We want to get you the results you seek quickly, but we also want you to feel good about your experience in the legal system. That’s why our attorneys and staff take customer service and satisfaction so seriously.

The Experience You Need To Prevail As A Property Owner

Our firm represents property owners in legal disputes arising out of state and local laws. Examples of cases we handle include:

  • Tenancy-in-common (TIC) disputes: Whether you are financial partners in a real estate venture who disagree over how to apportion maintenance costs, or you are tenants-in-common with a spouse or partner and have a disagreement over how to develop your property, we can sort out the legal issues and work quickly to protect your most important legal rights.
  • Disputes with homeowners associations (HOAs): Nearly every HOA has an exhaustive list of requirements that homeowners must abide. If you are currently in a dispute with your HOA board over your responsibilities as a property owner, we’re ready to fight on your behalf.
  • Disputes with neighboring homeowners: No one wants to have an extended disagreement with a neighbor — especially one that ends in legal action. When neighbors cannot agree on noise levels, fence boundaries or other aspects of their adjacent properties, we’re ready to step in and find a solution.

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