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In San Francisco, few things have changed the way people find vacation accommodations — and in some cases, even short-term rentals — more than websites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO.

While these sites are a popular and easy way for people to connect with housing options in the city, they aren’t without their share of potential legal problems. While rentals of fewer than 30 days are no longer illegal in San Francisco, the short-term lessor (either a building owner or a tenant) must comply with certain regulations.

Short-term rentals are a rapidly changing area of California real estate law. Lawmakers recognize the need to address the popularity of sites like Airbnb while ensuring that property owners do not lose all control over what happens to their property. As attorneys who have written extensively on landlord-tenant law, we keep up with legal changes to help you when you need it most.

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In worst-case scenarios, tenants and owners who use online hositng platforms (like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO) and who do not comply with short-term rental regulations, could find themselves suddenly facing fines by the San Francisco Office of Short-Term Rentals. In cases involving a tenant who is not in compliance with the law, he or she may also be served with an eviction notice for illegal use of the property.

Although an apartment can now be rented on a short-term basis in San Francisco, an owner or tenant wishing to rent it for a short period of time must:

  • Register with the San Francisco Office of Short-Term Rentals
  • Pay a registration fee
  • Obtain liability insurance
  • Pay a short-term rental tax
  • Post safety information
  • Keep compliance records

Only those owners or tenants who personally live in the unit as their principal place of residence can rent that unit on a short-term basis.

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