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Most landlord-tenant disputes and other real estate legal matters do not require full-scale litigation to resolve. In fact, many disagreements can be resolved through aggressive but strategic mediation and negotiation. Here’s what our founding attorney, Steven Adair MacDonald, has to say about misconceptions about the legal process:

“The truth is, 99 percent of cases do not go to trial. The two sides eventually come to an agreement and they settle. We know this from the thousands of cases that we have handled. Since this is the case, we critically analyze our client’s situation to see if we can help them find an agreement earlier, rather than later. The difference will mean enormous savings in time and legal fees, and a resolution that will be agreeable to the two parties in the end. We try to help them find that resolution in the beginning.”

The takeaway is that we will do everything in our power to successfully resolve your landlord-tenant case or real estate dispute in as little time as possible. At the same time, we know that you are hiring a lawyer to give you peace of mind and explain hard-to-understand legal issues in language you can understand.
That’s why, at our firm:

  • You will speak with an experienced attorney. — He or she will learn the details of your case and provide an initial outline of your possible legal options. Your attorney will work with you directly for as long as it takes to resolve your case.
  • We have a full legal team ready to contribute to your case whenever necessary. — Although most landlord-tenant and real estate disputes can be resolved without complication, sometimes our clients benefit from collaboration between our attorneys. We have the resources to take on the most complex real estate cases, and the size to keep your case from becoming more than just a case file.
  • Our firm will provide responsive, client-focused service. — We will explain the legal issues in your case, answer your questions and keep you informed of developments throughout the process. You will have confidence knowing that an experienced team is working hard for you.

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