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Rent Control Attorneys In San Francisco

In response to rising rents and a shortage of rental housing, several cities in the Bay Area have enacted rent control measures, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Hayward. These regulations restrict the ability of a landlord to increase rents. In addition, they allow evictions only for specific reasons such as nonpayment of rent, breach of the lease, nuisance, and removal of the property from the rental market.

Since the enactment of these rent control laws, they have grown more complex and restrictive. Many landlords and renters alike do not have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. If you are a tenant or a landlord facing a rent control issue, you need sound advice from an experienced attorney.

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Let Your Story Be Heard

At Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C., we are a team of highly experienced landlord-tenant lawyers. Having observed the expansion and evolution of the Bay Area’s rental control laws since the 1980s, we have a comprehensive understanding of these regulations and the legal options available to landlords and tenants.

We have extensive experience representing both sides before the San Francisco Rent Board and other regulatory agencies in the Bay Area. Let us put our knowledge and advocacy skills to work for you.

Allowable Evictions Under Rent Control Ordinances

In San Francisco, there are only 16 allowable reasons by which a landlord can legally evict a tenant. Rent control laws in other California cities have similar provisions. Our law firm aggressively represents clients facing eviction issues, and we will work tenaciously to protect your rights.

Free Consultation With A Lawyer

If you face a rent control or eviction dispute, we can help. Call Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C. at 415-956-6488 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation.

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