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"Landlord-Tenant Solutions in California," by: Steven Adair MacDonald

Landlord-Tenant Solutions in California is the landlord’s guidebook on the best approaches to managing rental property. Learn how to avoid the typical obstacles that landlords face, how to resolve disputes in the most peaceful manner and how to save money on litigation.


Steven Adair MacDonald has written a practical, easy-to-read book for landlords and tenants. His book combines years of litigation practice with helpful advice on how to avoid and resolve disputes in rental relationships. The ‘solutions’ are extremely valuable for anyone involved with this heavily regulated business of landlords and tenants. (Hon. Harry Low, Justice, California Court of Appeals (Ret.)). A sensible, readable, common-sense roadmap through the land mines most owners will have to navigate at one time or aother. (John H. O’Reilly, Esq., Chair, Real Property Section of Bar Association of San Francisco). Comprehensive but also concise, solid and readable: equally useful for lawyer and layman. (Hon. William A. Newsom, Justice, California Court of Appeals (Ret.)). Everyone who owns rental property should read this book. (Randy Shaw, Esq., Executive Director, Tenderloin Housing Clinic). A very good summary of the legal issues facing a California landlord, combining legal and practical business advice. — Professor Myron Moskovitz, Author, “Tenants’ Rights” — –Professor Myron Moskovitz, Author, Tenants’ Rights

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